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Awares Sp. z o.o.

Awares business model is based on three pillars.

The first one is the constant availability of goods. Our warehouse has specialized fire equipment (including Gallet helmets, multi-gas detectors, masks and breathing apparatus MSA Auer, steel cylinders and composite) and other tools necessary for daily work lifeguard. All products from our range are certified and have certificates.

The second pillar includes expert advice on the selection of fire rescue equipment. Our qualified specialists will assist you in choosing the right equipment. We also offer high-quality spare parts for all MSA products.

The third pillar includes direct contact with customers aimed at building long-term business relationships. Over 20 years of experience of AWARES founders can guarantee satisfaction with the reliability of our service.

We invite you to cooperation. Check our products!



We provide consultancy in the field
of modern technologies applicable to emergency.